About us

We are a self-organized collective of like-minded individuals that decided to take matters on our own hands and by behavioural changes help businesses reduce the use of resources, reduce operational costs, become more profitable, and as a side benefit increase the resilience and sustainability of our cities.

We created a space where we can share hacks, information, methodologies, and the successes we were able to achieve at our own companies and this is the Collective Green.

This idea came as a realization that there are many low hanging fruits which can drive high-impact and help businesses reduce energy wastage without affecting the ways we do business.

Collective Green was initially set up by a small group of colleagues hoping to mobilise greater environmental awareness and personal responsibility in the workplace (and, by extension, beyond) through a simple, friendly and inclusive information-sharing approach. In so doing, they discovered that not only were individual colleagues passionate to get involved, but that the business itself saw tangible benefits to engagement – not least a clear opportunity to optimise the consumption of resources, reduce operational costs, become more profitable, and all the while contributing to the towards greater urban sustainability. Collective Green created this space to share hacks, information, best practice and learnings over the course of this initiative and, due to  word of mouth and popular demand, we’re delighted to share what we’ve done with other organisations – so, if you’re here, welcome to the movement! At this stage we’re keen to adopt as pragmatic approach as we can. This means we’re focusing on the quick wins, low hanging fruit, and easy fixes. Simple behaviours that we can all be made aware of and share responsibility for. What are the things we can all do, ourselves, right now? That’s phase one. And once we’ve nailed them, that’s when  we can start to explore the bigger ideas together.