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68% of all trips in the UK are under 5 miles. Such trips can easily be cycled and even at a leisurely pace would take less than 25 minutes. The NHS recommends that adults get 150 minutes of aerobic activity a week, so why not swap your car for your bike, cut carbon and stay healthy at the same time.

Objective/ Goal

  1. Reduce car emissions: Every mile driven in the average medium-sized petrol car produces 310g of carbon. Overall, transport accounts for over a third of all UK greenhouse gas emissions.
  2. Get active, get fit: Cycling can help increase your cardiovascular fitness, muscle strength, joint mobility and bone strength, as well as reduce stress.

How/ Instructions

Picking a regular route will help to embed cycling as a habit and make it easy to keep up, so find a way to use your bike for everyday trips. Perhaps you could cycle to work or to school, to the shops, or to visit family and friends. 

Local cycling groups and charity bike rides can be a great place to make cycling social. See links below for some ideas.


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Links for you!

Find your local cycling group

Plan your cycle routes

Tips for beginners

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