Airconditioning units on building

HVAC Control

Better management of Heating Ventilation and AC (HVAC) offer some of the quickest return on investment, often providing a payback of less than a year.

Identify control improvement opportunities at your workplace or at home can provide great energy (and cost) savings. 

Objective/ Goal

  1. Align use of HVAC systems with work hours: So that they are operational only when needed  
  2. Heating until temperature reaches 19 °C and cooling only when the temperature exceeds 24 °C: Lowering the heating temperature by 1 °C can save 8% on fuel consumption 

How/ Instructions

Research shows that turning off heating or cooling 1 hour before the end of work hours can dramatically reduce energy costs in office buildings. 

Manually adjust heating and cooling settings to avoid excessive use of HVAC systems, alternatively, use a sensor to limit the output of the system.

Adjusting the temperature can be done by adjusting:

  • Timing 
  • Boiler settings
  • Room temperature 
  • Monitoring external temperatures

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